Bella Italia Museum

Non-Profit Cultural Institution

President of the Institution and Museum director: Dr. Lucilla Olivieri

Headquarters: Rome - Italy

Branch: Székesfehérvár - Hungary

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Exhibition Catalog
All models are constructed with materials and techniques of the originals.But some are still in draft version in cardboard painting. The smallest model weighs 500 grams, the biggest 120 kg.; the shortest is 40 cm., the longest is 5 meters.
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1- The Italian regions *
2- Ancien Rome *
3- Famous fountains:
           -Rome - Porter
           -Rome - Triton
           -Rome - Trevi
           -Tivoli (Rome) Villa d’Este - Fountain of the Owl
           -Tivoli (Rome) Villa d’Este - Oval fountain
 4- Italian gastronomy: history, sights and recipes *
 5- History of the Crib
 6- The Middle Age (Video)
 7- Pompei (Video)
 8- Michelangelo
 9- Leonardo
10- Bernini
11- Canova
12- Cats
                      * Not available